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The Washington Post (sometimes abbreviated to WaPo) is an American daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C. It is the most widely circulated newspaper within the Washington metropolitan area. Daily broadsheet editions are printed for the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

A former employee complains about the working environment on glassdoor.com, "There's not a lot of support at The Washington Post, a toxic culture that awards bros, no upward mobility except for the favored few regardless of individual successes and merits."


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Was a paper carrier (Former Employee) says

"It was the worse work experience I've ever had."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Not good place to work my contractor was sucks he never raises our money and always took money out from our paycheck. Because we missed some papers that’s sucked"

Help Desk Technician (Current Employee) says

"slashing benefits, horrible morale, no appreciation from management. over worked, teams and open positions slashed. Cons: everything about a standard day."

Carrier (Former Employee) says

"When you work for the Washington post for d.c be prepared to get the routes nobody wants, they pull you in on how much you wanna make a month when they ask you how much money u wanna make my suggestion is Don’t say anything at all wait until u get paid, and depending on the your first check will determine from there how many papers you want to deliver ( when other news outlets will pay you every two weeks, instead of monthly pay) on top of that they will give you the lowest pay because your new! Then the will have you sign a contract but they won’t follow it! Secondly the COMPLAINTS you’ll get is 10 dollars a paper that wasn’t delivered is deducted from your pay, even when someone can steal a paper or a animal will take it and use it for shelter or whatever else’s reason! They don’t care! I suggest you have another job, expenses for this job adds up fast and that other job can help pay for your expenses while working this job! ( so basically you have to work another job to support this job!) I also suggest do not buy a paper if your short while out on your route to avoid a complaint the company claims they will reimburse you but its a lie! If your really interested in this job really think about and pay attention to what’s going! I worked one month and only got a hundred dollars pay check! And I was delivering about 300 papers a night! And had under 20 deductions! I quit that same night Cons: Plenty of reason why not"

The Washington post (Former Employee) says

"dont work there the newer you are the worst they treat you (steel part of your check) the only way it works is if you stay with them forever and do the math. (Paycheck/ to 30(day)) Cons: All"

Utility Mailer / Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"never a pay raise in the five years i work there. management was awful too"

Courier/Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Couriers grossly under paid. 10 cents for daily washingtion post is outrageous. 35 cents for the Sunday paper. And they keep your tips. Again work for Uber or Lyft you make more money hands down. If you set it up right you make enough to quit your regular job. Don't work here not worth it. My paper count was constantly off, I did not have enough newspapers to complete my route. Which cause me burn more fuel and waste more time. They charge you 5.00 for complaints. Which is more than you make per paper. I'm so sorry I every work for this company as a independent contractor. Cons: Paid only .10 per newspaper had to deliver 1000 newspaper to make hundred dollars a day, which would kill you transmission."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"this was not a job that needs a review, it closed shortly after I left there and a review would not be beneficial to anyone. The staff that I worked with were nice."

Supervisor/Home Delivery (Former Employee) says

"This was a tough gig. Overnight sleeping during the day. Being a route manager is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to have a different quality of life working overnight."

Creative Team Member (Current Employee) says

"Pore leadership / management."

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Too many non-productive meetings. Management flip-flops on important issues. Hard to know where you stand. Upper management is very isolated. Fundamental lack of understanding of what some roles DO within organization. Cons: Lousy Management"

Director of Strategic Implementations (Current Employee) says

"Conflicting strategies at the top result in great inefficiencies and churn. Dying business model. Management needs to grow up and mature considerably."

Desktop Publishing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Bad environment for anyone hoping for job security. Print Newspapers as a profession is dying and full time employment is becoming quite transient. Cons: More than pros at this point, as listed in Review."

Senior Network Engineer /Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"The Post has undergone lots of change. Some very bright people, great use of technology. Just lack of Technical leadership holds it back. Cons: Management, lack of communication, potential loss of job due to sale and change in technology."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Ok, place to work. I liked the person I supported. Not much more to say about The Post. Interesting, ability to work remotely. Should hire promote and support more diverse culture."

National Sales Planner (Former Employee) says

"I started at the Post having worshiped the pape for years. I was hired to work in the advocacy/political advertising department. There was nearly 0 training and on boarding, even a "boot camp" was scant on actual direction. The person who was supposed to train me was unable to focus and all I heard from the rest of the department was that she was a walking disaster. Cons: no lunch breaks, emails all night, no training, disorganization"

Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Middle management does not encourage career advancement. Cons: no tuition or certificate program reimbursement, benefits are sorely lacking"

IT manager (Former Employee) says

"The Post is struggling like every other newspaper, but unlike others is in denial about its fate and run by incompetent exec leaders on the business side who sorely lack strategic smarts, expertise and vision to guide the Post to long-term sustainability. It is focused on short-term quick accounting fixes and cuts to hit annual numbers so bonuses are met for some, while the business hemorrhages."

Senior Material Handler/ Mail Clerk/Step Up Foremen (Current Employee) says

"For a part time job it ok if you looking for long term growth I would look for something else. We haven’t had a raise on 3 years so that gives you a clue on how they value there employees"

Major Accounts Senior Advertising Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I am not sure how management is vetted for this position. These are some of the most unprofessional people I have seen in management positions. I would not recommend this place to anyone"

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"I worked at The Washington Post full-time for more than a year Cons: - The diversity they tout in hiring isn’t reflected in the office because of high turnover in certain demographics. I was hired onto a diverse team. Then all the Black women were “laid off” the same week a couple men were hired. - Too few managers (mine told me he had over 60 direct reports to review, to explain why he skipped my evaluation) - Management gives useless feedback - Junior engineers are left to drown in a lake of crunch time - Pay is low - Engineers aren’t allowed in the union - Muslim employees get kicked out of their assigned prayer spots without notice"

Former Employee - Media Planner says

"I worked at The Washington Post full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Top heavy Low pay No growth Low morale No diversity Long hours Weekend work No mentorship"

Former Employee - Advertising says

"I worked at The Washington Post full-time Cons: Poor management. Micromanaging is the way they run their sales departments. HR is a whole other issue, especially their lack of communication."

Former Employee - Developer says

"I worked at The Washington Post full-time for more than a year Cons: This place has an issue retaining people of color and women that they acknowledge but don’t do anything about. Specifically in engineering the senior management and C Suite have created an environment where if you vocalize issues with process (there are tons) you are outcast and pushed out of the company. It is very much an old boys club and unless you’re a white man there is no chance of you rising to any management or upper management position. Of all the teams there, there are maybe 3 good teams with good managers. The rest have terrible managers, there’s no sense of community, leadership or mentorship. There’s no good system to move teams because your ability to move teams is based on your managers review, and if your manager is not good then your chances of going to an internal team are low. This also limits your chance for the very frugal annual raise as well. HR doesn’t properly handle these situations, they have aided in managing out of several PoC and women employees. Since management opportunities only exist for a select few there is a very competitive toxic work environment. Don’t reccomend for anyone jr - mid level. I think this place is only barely doable if you’re super senior and can handle the terrible work environment and have the know how to untangle the mess that is the majority of the code bases. The only culture here is “if you’re silent about your pain they will kill you and say you enjoyed it”."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at The Washington Post full-time Cons: There is no room to grow. The rumor about the old-school leadership being "dinosaurs" is true. It's common to see editors and managers get promoted to their current jobs after great, illustrious careers as writers and reporters. A great reporter, however, doesn't always make a great leader. I've had more than a couple bosses that have horrible "bed-side manners" with volatile temperaments; they lack interpersonal skills. It speaks volumes that they just don't know how to treat their employees professionally. Lots of yelling and trashing people behind their backs, even at team meetings. There's also a culture of blame when mistakes are made. No one owns up. (For example, the photo team blames editorial for their lack of communication, and then the editorial team blames photo team for being slow and stubborn; vice versa). The different teams here do not work well together, and it doesn't look like it's getting better. Also, the pay is generally low and you have to work holidays, as the newsroom never sleeps."

Administrative says

"I have been working at The Washington Post for more than 5 years Cons: If you have views that differ from theirs, please don’t speak. Only people with certain views on religion, race and politics seem to be accepted here. Learn to lie to co workers about how you view the world."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at The Washington Post full-time Cons: Upper management is seriously only out for themselves. Do not trust anyone, especially Employee Relations. If they offer you a retention bonus, RUN."


"I worked at The Washington Post for more than a year Cons: Unfortunately pushing your limits will probably be met with by passive aggressive overblown ego-mania from old-timers used to doing the daily minimum."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at The Washington Post full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Upper management is cleaning house, mostly female managers disappearing. Very little interaction between CRO and sales, same method he did with Time - get rid of majority of existing middle management, leaving the scared few as henchmen to start cleaning out salesforce. They are not above manipulating the numbers to 'entice' employees to leave, yet offering packages to walk out the door. CRO fails to interact with the majority, and demands hires of those he knows or specifies the company he wants them to come from. Atmosphere of fear, distrust and misery. I would not recommend working for this heartless company, as they treat sales terrible, especially women over the age of 40. Thankless job for management, as most disappear unless they become yes-men regardless of impact on others or their own dignity. Compensation is lacking, and they are not above making changes without telling you."

Industry IS Dying says

"I have been working at The Washington Post Cons: Company has no structured programs. They make it up as they go. This carelessness creates risk and positions them to be sued by current and pas employees. They do not follow DOT. They do not care about their drivers. Wolf-pack, group-think mentality prevents their logistics from progressing."

curt23 says

" You wouldn\'t know reading the Post that Russ Limbaugh had died. THEY SUCK"

Michael says

"You like to post fake news and lies.You should be ban from publishing"

ccat says

"I just happened to click on a story and upon reading the article I asked myself who would write such ignorant nonsense and when I checked who put it out there, I had seen it was put out by the Washington Post. Well then I understood the uneducated ignorance and moronic BS this article was emanating and realized I lost 5 minutes of my precious time wasted on reading complete garbage. I try to stay away from the one sided racist ignorant biased news sources and let\'s just say up until now, I did - but I guess every once in a while - I get caught by the Lying Media."

Deep Throat says

"There is no real journalism at The Post. When so called reporters are more concerned about covering the agenda and not the truth we are all in for one hell of a world."

Carl Millsap says

"News is the biggest joke in this country anymore. C'mon and give us facts that we can rely on. Not opinions! That's all the public wants. Facts, not opinions. We don't trust you! Even if we agree with your opinions, that's not what news is. Have you noticed the ratings falling rapidly? It's because you're not doing your job well!"

Aurélie Dupond says

"According to the Washington Post, France takes care about muslim pulpils like Nazis about Jews during WW2. I thought the first duty of journalism is checking facts. I wouldn't be astonished if this paper is glad when we have a new islamist attack. Awhile, did you write an article about thousands young girls who were raped by Pakpaks in England ? Or about 12/31 in Cologne (Germany) ?"

Carl Thomas says

"Russia Russia Russia. Adam Schiff looks like Jeff Bezos with hair. I'm starting to wonder if they're the same person."

Dave says

"Washington "It was the Russians" Post. Pathetic. WP are simply the propaganda arm of the corrupt Democrats and their globalist puppet masters."

RevPsych says

"Oh for f's sake... I just want to read an article!!! Why do I have to subscribe!? And where's the "I don't want to subscribe" button? None!!! Effing useless... You don't even deserve half a star for a review"

Billy Bob says

"Fake News outlet. Lies lies and more lies."

Ratherberiding says

"Wish I could rate it -1. Largely LSM wokinista agitprop indoctrination."

Dim says

"Political agenda driven. Democracy dies in darkness how ironic"

Emil says

"They are spamming you with all kinds of dong right as you enter the site, and then you have to turn off your adblocker. I will never ever use this bullsh it site again its a piece of sh it"

J Winter says

"Years ago when I took my Politics major, several of my lecturers recommended that I take out a subscription of the WP. It was, they believed, an excellent and neutral news source for American politics, which I was studying at the time. Oh how things change! The WP is now little more than a propaganda rag for the Democratic party. When even my most partisan Democrat friends can clearly see the WP's biases - and laugh despairingly over them - you know the paper has a huge problem. If I could give the Post zero stars I would. Not just because it's standard is *bad*, but because biased media such as the Post is complicit in destroying free America with lies and half-truths. And as for me, I voted with my feet. As did my Democrat friends. None of us have any use for propaganda. We can think for ourselves, thanks very much."

Pissed off says

"Trump derangement syndrome on display every day. Used to be good. Now it’s not. Highly unreliable."

Pierceton Cruz says

"fake news,.,."

Simon Tide says

"#FakeNews Smear Merchants.Communist Propaganda."

Odd James says

"Unreliable extremely biased and pushing false narratives. More like bloggers rather than journalists."

Matt says

"Push lies, conspiracy theories, and overall propaganda"

Litya Crom says

"It could be better .."

John Handoncock says

"Actual Garbage activism "

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